Democracy in Every Language

VoterVOX is a civic technology tool that connects eligible voters and multilingual volunteers to ensure every voter has access to ballots and voting information in their language, for every election.

How VoterVOX works

How it works. Step One: two hand-drawn illustrations of Asian American people smile side-by-side. 'VoterVOX pairs a volunteer translator with a voter who needs help.' Step Two: two hand-drawn versions of a voting ballot sit beside one another. 'A local VoterVOX volunteer translator meets with a voter to help them understand their ballot.' Step Three: a hand-drawn smartphone displays images and emits speech bubbles. 'The volunteer uploads the translation for others to use and build on.'

We're Building Tech for Justice!

We can't do it alone. We're excited to be bringing design workshops to the people in 2016!